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How to Shampoo a Yorkie With Long Hair

How to Shampoo a Yorkie With Long Hair

Yorkies are beautiful, spunky little dogs whose hair can grow to be more than a foot long. If you have a pet Yorkie who has this kind of high maintenance hairdo, then you may be familiar with the tangles and knots that accompany this pet. Fortunately, there is a way to shampoo a Yorkie with this type of hair in order to minimize the grueling grooming session that comes after a bath.


    Do your best to keep your Yorkie from squirming around as this can just tangle up his hair even more

    Wet the dog thoroughly before you begin shampooing. If you are putting shampoo on dry hair, it will just create mats and make it harder for you to rinse later. Make sure that all of the hair is wet, not just the top few layers.


    Squirt the shampoo in a thin line down the center of your Yorkie's back. Do not swirl the shampoo or zig zag it. Instead, create a straight line that will begin to run down either side of the dog. If you need more shampoo, then add a second line immediately rather than waiting until you have used up the first.


    Work the shampoo down through the hair with your fingers. As much as possible, pull your fingers and the shampoo down through the hair. Do not scrunch the hair between your fingers or scrub the skin using circular motions. Salon-quality shampoos will pull dirt out of the hair and off the skin, so you just need to make sure that the shampoo has access to the dog's coat. Circular and scrunching motions will just tangle the hair.


    Rinse the hair by pouring water down the middle of the Yorkie's back. If you are washing at home, then you may need to use a plastic cup to rinse off your dog. If you have a spray nozzle or a shower nozzle on a hose, then use this, but still aim it downward to minimize tangles. It is better in this case to use more water than to interfere with the natural flow of the hair too much.


    Work the clear water through the hair using your fingers until all shampoo is gone. Run your hands and fingers down the dog's sides, legs, chest and neck in order to make sure that all of the shampoo is worked out of the coat. Leftover shampoo can cause serious skin problems and can make the coat flaky and dull. Now, you are ready to condition your yorkie and then begin the next stage of the grooming process.

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