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Cheapest Ways to Fence Your Yard

Cheapest Ways to Fence Your Yard

If you want your dog to be able to run freely in your yard, a good way to keep the animal safe is to install a fence. Many types of fencing are quite expensive, but there are several options if you are trying to save some money. The most important thing is that the fence is strong enough to contain the dog and installed so that there are no gaps it can wiggle through.


    Mesh fencing is one of the cheapest types available. This fencing is also sometimes called chicken wire and is not the sturdiest type of fence, but it works to keep most dogs contained. If your dog often tries to escape containment, this might not be the best fence option. Mesh fences are fairly easy to install. Place fence posts or metal T-posts into the ground and attach the mesh to the posts. Set the posts in concrete for extra strength.

Chain Link

    Chain link is a basic type of fencing that is very tough, durable and long-lasting. Chain-link fences are more expensive than mesh fencing, but the cost is lowered if you can install it yourself. Chain-link fencing has diamond-shaped links that are too small for dogs to pass through. Chain-link fencing is often used by kennels and animal shelters.

Split Rail

    If you don't like the looks of plain metal fencing, try pairing it with wood. Install a split rail fence, which consists of wooden poles with two long split logs running horizontally. These fences must be paired with a type of metal fence, such as chicken wire, so that the dog can't get underneath the fence or over it. Plant some flowers or bushes around the base of the fence and the chicken wire will be camouflaged.

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